With its own environments furnished with taste, and enriched with praiseworthy details., Made with Caltagirone’s ceramics are the house entrance stairs , a stone made kitchen and the original  handmade Sicilian decorations, the scenic Belvedere suite rappresents the top in tourist locations proposals created by  “le quattro colline” the four hills. Starting from the big balcony, together with  “the Count Castle “ we offer to our customers the view of great interest in the Modican’s history, easily reachable on foot the museum house of Tommaso Campanilla  illustrious philosopher and scientist who lived in the 700”  and also Salvatore Quasimodo  birth place . A Nobel prize for literature in 1959. “Belvedere” is the ideal house for cultural and beauty. A single glance  is sufficient to retrace the testimony of an earldom great past.


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